Borderline adheres to a contemporary approach of investigating existing places whose vocation is not habitually art oriented. Borderline operates somewhat like an estate agency, actions and transactions in the course of which spaces will be put at disposal of artists and participants. Trough our investigation we are approaching sites of remembrance, memorial places, commemorative monuments, dismissed stories places with a certain singularity, historical depth, architectural interest. Through our intervention, we put them in a contemporary context and dialogue, to re-activate  a vision, in order to create a new understanding, to improve our perception of space and history.  Introducing layers Borderline attempts to restrain a constant flow, raising questions about times of resistance and resistance of time. Borderline aspires to be an open work from which a possible meeting between individual and place may emerge. Borderline is an independent curatorial project.

Some major realisations

Keep your Feelings in MemoryExhibition catalogue

Presentation of the exhibition catalogue « Keep your Feelings in Memory ».  The catalogue includes works by Laurianne Bixhain, Claire Decet, Moussa Kone, Seulgi Lee, Catherine Lorent, Philippe Nathan, Luis Nobre and Claudia Passeri and essays by Pietro Gaglianò and Gian Maria Tore. The catalogue has been designed by Saskia Gevaert. For the presentation Pietro Gaglianò will give a conference « The Invention of Memory » where he will subtly trace the moving links between art, museum, memory and resistance through history. Mudam, 2014.

Musée national de la RésistanceKeep Your Feelings In Memory


Laurianne Bixhain, Claire Decet, Moussa Kone, Seulgi Lee, Catherine Lorent, Philippe Nathan, Luis Nobre and Claudia Passeri.

Keep Your Feelings In Memory presents a selection of contemporary art works in dialogue with the particular architecture of the museum and its permanent collection. The artists offer us reflections about art, resistance, and memory in a space dedicated to remembrance. The aim of the exhibition is to rekindle and dynamize a transgenerational dialogue through a nuanced reflection on these themes in both a broad and in a contemporary sense. By proposing diverse layers of meaning, Borderline attempts to raise questions about times of resistance and resistance to time.

Cinémathèque de la Ville de LuxembourgSoirée de Résistance

Agence Borderline, the Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg and Université du Luxembourg are happy to invite you to a special screening which queries the functions and esthetics of memory in the territories of movies and audiovisual. The evening is curated by Gian Maria Tore, researcher at Université du Luxembourg, in the field of semiotics, visual arts and media.

Catherine Lorent / Gran Horno will perform live at the Cinémathèque, « Réminiscences censurées ».

Béla Tarr : Prologue (Hungary 2004, silent movie, 4’,  épisode from Visions of Europe); Yervant Gianikian & Angela Ricci Lucchi : Prisoners of war (Italy 1996 , silent movie, 61’); Hans-Jürgen Syberberg : Hitler, a film from Germany (Germany 1978, vostang, extract of 45’ )

Custom Houses

Today, customs posts have been stripped of their primary function, they stand there like monuments bearing witness to both, a bygone epoch and border policy. They mark a frontier now transparent and fluid. Some of these places have vanished, others have been abandoned or transformed.

In 2007 Borderline invited artists to reinstate and reoccupy these abandoned customs offices, these border outposts between Luxembourg and its neighbouring countries, transforming them into places of artistic exchange.

Soyoung Chung, Birgit Ludwig, Ilaria Lupo, Luis Nobre, Guillaume Paris, Timothy Segers.